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Definition of spathe

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Definition as written by talinum:

A bract or pair of bracts, often large, enclosing the flowers. Most plants with spathe flowers are poisonous.

Definition as written by Monocromatico:

A large bract, colorful or not, that protects an entire floral spike. Most typical example of plants featuring spathes is within the family Araceae (Anthuriums, Philodendrons, Calladiums, Calla Lilies, Peace Lilies).

Definition as written by palmbob:

IN the palm world, the spathe is the large, usually woody bract coveringt the palm's inflorescence (or from where the infloresence emerges). This is also called the spadix, and is basically a synonym for it.

However, in palms, this rarely if ever has anything to do with toxicity as most palms are NOT toxic.

Definition as written by themikesmom:

Spathes are bracts or leaf enclosings composed of two parts, inner and outer spathe petals, that both enclose and protect the young flower buds. Depending on the variety of plant and cultivar, spathes may be green and fleshy which are unnoticeable to most, or dry and papery which are quite visable and prominant, like on species iris: Iris pallida.

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